On Worrying


As I said here, I don't necessarily think that I worry more than most (but then who knows, and this is the second time I've written about worrying in two years) but I do dislike how self-sabotaging and unproductive it can be. Which is one of the reasons that I loved this commencement address by poet and author Mary Karr which contains lots of quotable nuggets like this:

'The real purpose of poetry, W.H. Auden said, is disenchantment. Not to throw fairy dust in somebody's eyes, it's stripping away what's false so you can see what's true underneath. I like to say poetry has to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.'

...and pieces of wisdom like this:

'That's how fear works though, isn't it? Getting what you want can often scare you more than not getting it.'

...that makes a powerful point about how to deal with negative feelings:

'almost every time I was super afraid it was of the wrong thing. And stuff that first looked like the worst, most humiliating thing that could ever happen almost always led me to something extraordinary and very fine.'

And then co-incidentally (as is so often the way) on the same day I happened across one of Eric Barker's typically succint but comprehensive takes on how to stop worrying which, even if you don't think you worry too much, is full of good, insightful advice.

Google Firestarters Comes to LA


More exciting Google Firestarters news. I'm delighted to announce that we'll be running our first ever Firestarters in LA on Tuesday May 26th, at the Google Office in Venice. Somewhat appropriately for our first ever event in LA we'll be focusing on how how brands can work with the new face of celebrity and contemporary 'engines of culture' - the new breed of DIY content creators on YouTube.

As always with Firestarters we've got some great speakers including Nick Barham (CSO TBWA/Chiat Day LA), Pam Scheideler (EVP, Head of Digital Production, Deutsch LA), Matt Johnson (Group Strategy Director, 72 and Sunny), and Shabnam Mogharabi (CEO, SoulPancake). It's going to be a fascinating debate, and I can't think of a more interesting place in which to have it. I'll not actually be at this one but it will be more than ably hosted by Ben Malbon. And as always I have a few guest passes to give away to readers. So if you're a planner/ strategist, will be in LA on the 26th, and would like to go along, drop me a note.

Post of the Month - April 2015 - The Vote

Thanks for the nominations everyone. Our vote for this month is between:

Look and Feel and Feel by Jason Fried

Applauding Sleight of Hand by Faris Yakob

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teams from Toph Brown

You Don't Need a Digital Strategy, You Need a Digitally Transformed Company by Tom Goodwin

The Full Stack Employee by Chris Messina

And you can vote below: